Far-left German Interior Minister now says she will increase deportations

She wanted to let illegal aliens vote one month ago!

Guest column from Renaissance Horizon

One month ago, Germany’s radical far-left Interior Minister Nancy Faeser was demanding that illegal aliens be allowed to vote in German elections. This was seen as so extreme that even the co-chair of the left-wing Green party leader, Ricarda Lang, denounced Faeser for it!

Lang is no conservative. She is a morbidly obese woman who is hyped as a “body-positive feminist” and a “queer rights” activist. In a shock statement, Lang said that the German government needed to finally make good on its promises to German citizens to deport illegal aliens. She suggests that the government start by deporting people from Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia since these are all very safe countries.

Now, Nancy Faeser alleges that she wants to speed up deportations.

European countries have multitudes of laws that empower illegal aliens to avoid being deported. Faeser and Chancellor Olaf Scholz say they have completed a new bill to remove some of these roadblocks so deportations can speed up.

Both Faeser and Scholz are members of the Social Democrats [SPD]. State-run German media outlet DW alleges that deportations are already up 27% in 2023 compared to 2022. Of course, barely any * 1.27 = still barely any.

The SPD is a long-time supporter of Palestinian statehood, and the official charities of both the SPD and Die Linke charity are actively involved in agitation in the West Bank. However, in the wake of Muslim rioting over the Israeli-Arab conflict, Faeser now says she wants to deny citizenship to any Muslim who is an “anti-Semite.”

Faeser has been waging a campaign of banning “neo-nazi” groups for months. These consist of tiny groups that barely exist, if at all. One was a “skinhead” group founded in the USA in the 1980s; no one has seen or heard from them since the 1990s. It reminded me of a few years ago when the SPLC published a giant list of active “neo-nazi skinheads gangs” in New Jersey. It was so outrageous that even a national spokesman for the ADL denounced it as fake and said skinheads in New Jersey were “virtually non-existent.” Another group banned by Faeser was a small group that promoted German/Norse mythology and folklore and had nothing to do with any “neo-nazis.” Others are Reichsbürger groups that are completely harmless and have zero to do with “neo-nazis.”

Each time Faeser bans a group, she raids many people’s homes to put on a big theatrical show and advance her completely false narratives.

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