Thousands of Antifa violently rioted in Berlin, injuring 46 police officers

Many politicians in Berlin openly support Antifa

Last Friday, thousands of Antifa rioted in Berlin as police tried to clear an illegal Antifa squatter camp called “Köpi 137.” Antifa claimed Köpi was an “autonomous zone.”

Eventually police used armored vehicle and forklifts to smash through metal barricades around the Köpi squatter camp. However, Antifa left a path of destruction through the city. A total of 76 people were arrested and 46 police officers were injured.

It took a force of 3,500 officers from nine different German states to suppress the violence.

Antifa is openly supported by the Green Party, which is one of the largest political parties in Berlin. They have also been supported by leaders of the former East German Communist Party and the Free Democrats in Berlin.

The Green party openly used the Antifa name and their logos in official campaign literature in the recent Berlin election last September.

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