Antifa staged violent riot at the home of Frederick, MD alderman while cops publicly refused to intervene

Antifa riots over pro-law enforcement alderman

Alderman Kelly Russell was the main target of Antifa’s vitriol.

Antifa staged a violent riot in front of the home of Frederick, Maryland Alderman Kelly Russel. They screamed profanities, blocked the street, assaulted and threatened pedestrians, and burned a flag that they had taken from a resident.

Afterward, they marched through Frederick and blocked other streets. The local police refused to intervene and break up the rioting. In fact, the police department publicly advertised that they were allowing Antifa to illegally block roads with impunity as long as they stayed off major highways.

Kelly Russel is a third-term alderman and a twenty-two-year veteran of the Frederick Police Department, where she was in charge of the human services department. Antifa targeted Russell because of her support for the local police.

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