Eight shot, one killed at Oakland Juneteenth Festival, then revelers climbed on an ambulance to twerk

A shocking display of callousness

One or more gunmen fired over 35 rounds during Oakland’s Juneteenth celebration. It happened around 6:30 PM at Lake Merritt. Even more shocking was how dozens of party-goers behaved after the shooting.

Not only did they continue partying with no respect for the dead and injured, but some climbed onto an ambulance to twerk. Callous revelers cheered as scantily clad women shook their asses, even as paramedics were loading an injured (or dead) victim into the vehicle.

The deceased, whose identity has not been released, is a 22-year-old male. The injured include people whose ages range from 16 to 64. Police say two men were arrested with guns at the scene but have not said if either fired shots. Local media claims as many as ten thousand people went to Lake Merritt for the Juneteenth Festival.

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