Seattle Human Rights Commission denounces White homosexuals for suggesting racially segregated pride march is discriminatory

Seattle will now have two rival homosexual pride marches on the same day!

Taking B(l)ack Pride organizer Nikki Etienne

This Saturday, Seattle will have two rival homosexual pride marches on the same day!

Instead of joining Capitol Hill Pride, the annual Seattle march for LGBTQ+ unity, Black militants have organized a separate racially segregated event and gave it the deliberately antagonistic name “Taking B(l)ack Pride.”

Taking B(l)ack Pride is organized by Nikki Etienne, the campaign manager of Seattle Mayoral candidate Nikkita Oliver. While Oliver is a White woman, she openly pushes radical anti-White narratives. She also identifies as “queer.” Etienne, who was previously involved with Capitol Hill Pride, appears to be a relatively light-completed racial mixed woman.

Etienne had a falling out with other organizers of Capitol Hill Pride. So she created a rival event for “Black and Brown Trans and Queers.” While Etienne says White people are allowed to attend, they must pay a minimum of $10 for “reparations” and wear a special armband to show subservience.

Both events are scheduled for Saturday, June 26th. The annual Capitol Hill Pride march will occur at Cal Anderson Park, while the racially segregated event Taking B(l)ack Pride will occur at Jimi Hendrix Park.

The organizers of Capitol Hill Pride have cried foul of the vindicated rival race-based event. They complained to the Seattle Human Rights Commission that Taking B(l)ack Pride violates local, state, and federal laws against discrimination. They also called for an investigation into whether or not Etienne had violated campaign ethics rules during her ongoing war with Capitol Hill Pride.

Not only did the Seattle Human Rights Commission refuse to investigate the event for violating laws against discrimination, but they also defended the event and wrote a letter insulting the heads of Capitol Hill Pride.

The Seattle Human rights Commission rebuked Capitol Hill Pride organizers Charlette Lefvre and Philip Lipson, telling them to “educate yourself” and accused them of potentially harming “Seattle’s BIPOC community.” Instead, the Seattle Human Rights Commission explicitly defend the organizers’ alleged rights to have an event where White people are intentionally excluded.

The Seattle Human Rights Commission is essentially taxpayer-funded far-left activists.

Ironically, the organizers of Capitol Hill Pride spent the past year and a half pandering to Black militants and asked all Seattle law enforcement personnel to stay away from the march.

Capitol Hill Pride has added the following statement to its website. “We stand proud in the fact we will never charge admission or ask for donations based on anyone’s skin color.”











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