Poor performing Washington school district adopts race-based discipline

White students will get the harshest punishments

The Clover Park School District voted 3-2 in favor of “Culturally Sensitive Discipline.” The core of this policy is that it is culturally insensitive to expect children from certain racial groups to behave.

The school district spends a staggering $12,533 per student per year. Of which, only 17% comes from the local community. Most of the funding is from the state and the federal government. Despite this lavish spending, academic performance is pitiful.

Academic Performance of Clover Park School District:

  • 50.6% of students are grade level for English Language Arts (ELA)
  • 38.4% of students are grade level for Math
  • 39.8% of students are grade level for Science
  • 85.4% of students attend class regularly
  • 88% of students graduate after 4 years

What we see is a district where a large majority of students are performing below where they should be. Yet most still graduate, indicating that people are just graduated regardless of requirements.

Three of the five school board members do not think things are bad enough. So they voted for race-based discipline, in which members of the worst behaving groups will be disciplined the least. The district is less than 30% White.

In 2017, there was a big scandal over sexual assaults at schools in the Clover Park School District:

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