Five Middle Schoolers charged with hate crimes for racially motivated attacks on White students

Said they were getting revenge for slavery

Five Middle Schoolers, aged 11 to 15, were arrested and charged with hate crimes for attacks on fellow students last Wednesday. The attacks occurred near the Coconut Creek Recreation Center in Coconut Creek, Florida. Police say the perps attacked four White victims, aged 11 and 12, while yelling racial abuse. The victims were punched, kicked, and beaten with sticks.

They were all charged with misdemeanor battery and a hate crime enhancement. The prosecutors can upgrade the charges to a felony because of the enhancement charge. Of course, they probably won’t.

All of the perps and victims attend Lyons Creek Middle School. The recreational center is next door. The school is 39% Latino, 35% White, 19% Black, 3% Asian, and 3% Mixed-Race. Police listed the perps as Black and White on the police report. This means that the perps were probably Black and Latino, but there was no Latino category on the police report. It is common for Latino crime suspects to be listed as White in public records in much of the country.

The actual identities of the suspects are classified because of their age.

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