Nation of Islam follower murders DC cop as he smashes through the barricades meant to stop “White Nationalists”

Pop goes another media narrative

The Nation of Islam, currently led by Louis Farrakhan, has been inspiring cop killers, spree killers, and serial killers since the 1970s. The Nation of Islam produced the “Zebra Killers” in the 1970s. More recently, the “DC Sniper” John Allen Muhammed, who killed 17 and injured 10, served as one of Louis Farrakhan’s bodyguards at the Million Man March. At least three mass shooters were Nation of Islam followers in just two years during 2016 – 2017.

The Biden administration has all kinds of extra security and barriers around the capitol to stop alleged attacks by “White Nationalists” and “Trump supporters.” Of course, this is a transparently disingenuous false narrative.

Instead, Noah R. Green, a twenty-five-year-old Black male, smashed through the barricades in his car and struck two police officers. Then he exited his vehicle and was shot and killed while trying to attack more cops. Green is from Indiana but was currently living in Virginia.

One police officer was murdered, William “Billy” Evans, a White male and an 18 year veteran of the Washington DC police department.

Facebook immediately deleted his account when his name was released. However, before it was deleted, people could see that Green referred to himself as “Brother Noah X,” and was a self-described Nation of Islam follower. He also described himself as a supporter of Louis Farrakhan even though he appears to have based his nickname on former Nation of Islam spokesman Malcolm X, a man murdered by followers of Farrakhan.

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