Will BLM riot over 13 year old Latino killed during armed confrontation with Chicago police?

Four people were killed by BLM rioters in 2020

On March 29th, Adam Toledo was killed during an armed confrontation with the Chicago Police. Black Lives Matter and other left-wing groups have begun mobilizing after it was just revealed that Toledo was only 13 years old.

Chicago police responded to a shot spotter alert at 2:35 a.m Monday. When they arrived, they saw two males who fled. After a pursuit, Toledo was shot in the chest while holding a gun. He died a short time later. Ruben Roman Jr., a 21-year-old male, was arrested at the scene. He has a previous criminal record for illegal gun possession. He was charged with a misdemeanor for fleeing from police. 

Toledo lived with his single mother, Elizabeth, less than a mile away in section 8 housing. The 13-year-old was unidentified until his mother filed a missing person report on Wednesday, March 31st.

Without knowing any actual details about the boy or the situation, activists have begun lionizing the boy and accusing the police of “murder” on social media. Their narrative is that being only thirteen automatically exonerates him of any wrongdoing. In reality, American has seen some shocking crimes lately by very young offenders. Such as the thirteen-year-old girl who stabbed a fifteen-year-old girl to death inside a Walmart while her friends streaming the murder live on Facebook. Or the 14-year-old who burned a man alive in Rochester, New York. Or the under 18 perps who raped and tortured a woman to death in broad daylight in a Milwaukee park.

Black Lives Matter rioters killed at least four people in Chicago in 2020 and injured numerous others:

Victims of June 1st, BLM murders in Cicero.

After days of rioting, Chicago police make a large effort to reclaim downtown Chicago on June 1st. What happened was a mass of so-called “activists” moved from downtown to Cicero. A mostly Black crowd appeared in a primarily Latino area of Cicero, looted small businesses, threw bottles at predominantly Latino motorists, and murdered two Latino men. The attack was a massive blow to race relations in the Chicago area, as the violence was widely viewed as racially motivated by the Latino community.

Victor Cazares Jr, 27, and Jose Angel Gutierrez, 28, were both murdered. Cazares was working inside a shop that was looted. Gutierrez was walking down the street when he was murdered. Zion Haygood, a black male, was charged with first-degree murder for killing Gutierrez.

Zoraleigh Ryan

On June 2nd, while a BLM riot was going on, a mob stormed a Metro PCS. Two people, who owned the store, fired shots to drive the looters out. There are different versions of the story. The Chicago Sun-Times reported that John Tiggs left the store and returned a second time, along with a 15-year-old. They were both hit by bullets, and Tiggs was killed. The family alleges that Tiggs was trying to pay his phone bill and was an innocent bystander of a reckless shooting.

Chicago police say that Zoraleigh Ryan, a 55 White female, was intentionally murdered by Edgar Roman, a 25-year-old Latino male. Roman was part of a group of nearby looters and was fleeing the scene in a stolen car. He smashed through two barricades and then hit Ryan and her daughter. According to witnesses, he turned the car around and hit Ryan a second time, trying to finish her off. Ryan died, and her daughter was seriously injured with several broken bones. A bystander was credited with saving the life of her daughter.

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