US Capitol doors had huge electromagnetic locks, who turned them off?

Evidence mounts that police allowed "insurrectionists" to enter the Capitol building

The US capitol building is equipped with heavy-duty interior security doors that have huge electromagnetic locks. They can be seen in photographs. These are heavy-duty premium security locks mounted to thick steel plates. The cheap versions of these electromagnetic locks, used by hotels, can hold 300 to 600 pounds of force. The ones seen in photographs of the US capitol building can probably hold between 12000 to 2000 pounds of force.

The official website for the US Department of State confirms that these locks are used to protect foreign embassies:

Seabees support the Department of State and the Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) by assisting security engineering officers with the installation and maintenance of specialized equipment, including closed-circuit TV cameras, alarm systems, electromagnetic door locks, vehicle barriers, and other special equipment in sensitive areas of U.S. embassies and consulates.

This begs the question. Why were the locks turned off? Who made the decision? It seems like the “insurrection” could have been ended instantly with these locks.

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