Thirty gunshots fired during live broadcast inside the George Floyd Autonomous Zone

Four people have already been murdered inside the autonomous zone

Four murders have already taken place inside the George Floyd Square “BLM autonomous protest zone,” also known as “The Free State of George Floyd.”

Along with four murders, numerous other people have been seriously injured during violent crimes.

Today, a volley of gunshots rang out in broad daylight during a live broadcast by Alex Presha of ABC National News. Another reporter, Philip Crowther of the Associated Press, was filming his own segment when the gunfire started. One window was shattered by gunfire, however, no one appears to have been injured.

Shortly after the gunfire, a reporter was the victim of a strong-armed robbery. Her cellphone was taken away and smashed in front of her.

Also, note that next to a cluster of Black Lives Matter and Black Nationist Blacks is a flag with corporate logos on it. It says “We Accept VISA and MASTERCARD.”

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