NBC National News aggressively promotes new Black Power group called “Black Menace”

They want to be a menace to "predominantly White institutions"

Black Menace

Well, Black Hammer has fallen. The leader has been charged with kidnapping and sodomy after a member committed suicide at the group’s headquarters. Make way for the new hip Black Power group known as Black Menace.

Black Menace wants to become the hip new Tik Tok friendly Black Power shock troops of America’s “predominantly White institutions.” The group was launched by five Black students at Brigham Young University [BYU]. Individual members are called “menaces.” They even have t-shirts that say “Be A Menace.” They say they want to organize protests and pressure colleges to “mandate classes on race.” So-called “mainstream” media outlets are trying to help the group expand with free advertisement.

NBC National News has aggressively promoted the group with fawning coverage. First last April, and again on August 11thNBC National News states in their new article that the group seeks to “make the school more inclusive” while making others “feel uncomfortable.”

The group’s stated aim appears to be a campaign of intimidation against White students. Black Menace member Nate Byrd says, “we enjoy making people uncomfortable.”

Yahoo News and Fox 13 News Utah are also gleefully promoting the group. Yahoo News even linked to their social media accounts and ended their article with an invitation to join the group. The group is also being promoted by openly far-left media outlets such as NowThisNews.

Imagine if there was a group called “White Menace.”

The term “Black Menace” and the use of the word “menace” in relation to Black people, was first popularized in early 90s gangster rap music in the 1993 motion picture Menace to Society.


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