Atlanta police sends SWAT team to a Black man’s home for vandalizing rainbow flag crosswalk

Act of vandalism warranted a bigger response than major violent crimes

What crime was so heinous that it finally warranted a major response by police and media in Atlanta? It was vandalizing a rainbow flag crosswalk.

A special “Atlanta Police LGBTQ Liaison Unit” was activated after a Black male was seen spray painting a swastika on a rainbow flag crosswalk. Apprehending the perp was made a top priority despite all the serious violent crimes occurring in the city daily. They even sent a SWAT Team to his apartment, after he allegedly did not response to an officer knocking on the door. A SWAT team was blocking the roads and apparently getting ready to storm his apartment when he exited and surrendered peacefully.

Think of all the violent criminals in Atlanta who are coddled and pampered. Barely anything is happening to them. At night, large areas of Atlanta look like open drug dens with gang bangers dealing in front of gas stations. All while the clerks inside the gas stations hide behind layers of armored glass, and police are nowhere to be found.

During the 2020 BLM riots, Atlanta police conducted a stand down as armed Black males blocked roads and opened fire on cars. Eight-year-old Secoriea Turner was murdered in the back of her parent’s car. The gunman has never been apprehended. BLM was allowed to continue holding violent armed “demonstrations,” and two more people were shot in the legs on two different days. Others were victims of mob attacks.

The local CBS affiliate gave this act of vandalism more attention than it does for major violent crimes.

There are multitudes of videos of Antifa and BLM committing acts of politically motivated vandalism in which there was zero effort to arrest the perpetrators. But if you dare mess with a rainbow flag crosswalk, the full force of the authorities will come down on you!

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