Suspected serial hate criminal arrested in Seattle for savage attacks on women

At least two attacks, both caught on video

Seattle Police have arrested a 19-year-old black male, who they believe seriously injured two different women in separate unprovoked attacks.

Tracy Roberts, a 56-year-old Seattle area nurse who works with the homeless, was savagely kicked in the face while doing volunteer landscaping on a city sidewalk. She was on her hands and knees planting flower bulbs when attacked. Roberts was hospitalized with severe facial injuries. She suffered numerous skull fractures, damaging to her cheekbone, nose, sinus, and eye socket. The attack was captured on a surveillance video.

Another unnamed woman was also savagely kicked in the head in an unprovoked attack while riding a King County Metro public bus. She suffered a serious concussion. She told police she never even saw her attacker, however, this assault was also captured on surveillance video.

The bus attack occurred on December 6th, one day before Roberts was attacked on December 7th. Police believe the same perpetrator committed both assaults based on matching clothing items.

Roberts told local media that she cried for joy when she heard about the arrest and said “prosecutors need to step up” and put him away for the longest amount of time possible. “Personally, I think if you kick someone in the head, you’re doing it to do a lot of harm and to kill them,” said Roberts.

Unfortunately, this is a county that has developed a reputation for letting criminals off easily. King County’s Chief prosecutor Dan Satterberg has been praised by left-wing groups for his “progressive” efforts to reduce the number of people sent to jail or prison. People are wondering how many other attacks this guy has committed in which the victims didn’t even bother to call the police.

The name of the suspect has not been released.

Earlier this month, New York police arrested a man accused of unprovoked serial crime attacks on nine women. Police say the suspect, a black male, targetted “light-skinned” female victims. The attacks occurred over a five-month period. He has been charged with eight counts of assault as a hate crime and one count of attempted robbery as a hate crime. The suspect in that


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John Henry Eden
6 months ago

(((Satterberg))) Every. Damn. Time.