Belgian king barely escapes “BLM” rioters, Brussels police station heavily damaged by arson

Politically Correct Riot

The king’s security force tackles a rioter.

Belgium is currently experiencing violent race riots, following the death of 23-year-old Ibrahima Barrie. He had been arrested at a transit station last Saturday for violating multiple coronavirus restrictions. He was out past curfew and congregating in a group larger than four. After being taken to the Brussels North Police Station, he passed out and was rushed to the hospital. He later died of cardiac arrest.

Wednesday evening, hundreds of people, primarily from the immigrant ghettos of Brussels, descended on the police station. They brought signs proclaiming “Black Lives Matter.” Family members of Barrie and his lawyer whipped a crowd into a frenzy claiming that the Brussells police department had “murdered a black man.” They set the police station on fire using Molotov cocktails, attacked motorists, and destroyed local businesses.

King Philip of Belgium rides in a black BMW with an easily recognizable license plate that says “1.” He was traveling back to Palace Laeken when rioters surrounded his car and hurled rocks and bottles. The king’s security forces were able to drive the rioters away and the BMW escaped.

The Belgian Justice Minister posted a message on Twitter saying “Under no circumstances can we accept what happened in Schaerbeek today. Investigations are in full swing. More than 100 people have been arrested. Rioters will not go free.”

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