Antifa violently attacks Jewish event in El Cajon, CA

Antifa criminals fail to intimidate rally goers

Not only did Antifa violent assault people at a pro-Israel Jewish event in El Cajon, California, but their assaults went very poorly. A video shows outnumbered victims defended themselves quite competently. The criminal Antifa then unleashed an aerosol irritant when they discover that their members were too weak to scare off their intended victims.

The event was a public rally organized by Shield of David, a Jewish group calling themselves the “Modern Day Maccabees.” Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and El Cajon Mayor Bill Wells were speakers at the rally. They claim to have 2,000 members in the San Diego area. San Diego has a significant Jewish population. El Cajon is a suburb. The group also appears to draw support from Christian Zionists.

Shield of David advocates martial arts training and gives “Krav Maga” classes in San Diego.

Antifa also berated a Latino man and assaulted him with an aerosol irritant.

Shield of David is the group being attacked.

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