Confidence in US military is plummeting as Pentagon goes Woke

There is a dramatic downturn in how Americans view the military

According to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute, confidence in the US military has fallen dramatically in less than 29 months. Perhaps a leading factor is the Pentagon’s embrace of Marxist critical theory and promoting radical feminist and transgender political agendas within the military.

Compare this recent promotional video from the US Army to promotional videos from Russia and China. Or the now infamous radical feminism promotional video from the CIA.

The foundation claims that between November of 2018 and March of 2021, confidence in the US military has declined from:

59% to 48% among Democrats (11 points)
87% to 70% among Republicans (17 points)
66% to 47% among Independents (19 points)

70% to 56% overall (14 points)

View full survey data as a PDF.

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