US Air Force Academy “qualified applicants” dropped 46% in one year

America's woke military is having a massive recruitment crises

The United States military has gone woke and is actively pushing radical far-left ideologies on the troops. Now the US military is facing an unprecedented crisis trying to recruit qualified people.

This is especially true at the Air Force Academy. In 2021, the Academy had 11,615 applicants. In 2022, this dropped 28% to 8,393. However, Air Force data shows that “qualified applicants” dropped 46% from 3,279 to 1,775.

The US Air Force is disingenuously blaming Covid-19. Except the virus and ensuing lockdown would have affected recruitment activity for 2021 applicants the most, not 2022. If Covid-19 was to blame, there should have been a massive drop in 2021, followed by a rebound in 2022.

Despite a 46% reduction in qualified candidates, the Air Force Academy still filled almost all spots with what they had. They typically accept 1,200 new people each year. They still welcomed 1,100 new cadets even though the pool of qualified people dropped by almost half.

The Air Force Academy has also set new “diversity goals.” This means they are willing to accept lesser qualified candidates from certain minority groups.


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