Black male “looking for trouble” charged with murder of Dutch commando in Indianapolis

Three shot, one killed

Murder victim Simmie Poetsema

Early Saturday morning, three members of Dutch special forces were shot in a drive-by shooting in Indianapolis, Indiana. There were in the area for training at the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center in Butlerville, Indiana.

Yesterday, we stated that we believed the perpetrators were Black and that the media and police censored their race for political reasons.

The media is still censoring their race. However, we have the name of the suspected gunman. Shamar Duncan, 22, has been arrested. No media have published his mugshot. However, public records show that he is a Black male and is currently held at Marion County Jail. Police had witnesses, a cellphone video, and surveillance videos. However, they only described the at-large gunmen and his accomplices as “males.”

The local daily newspaper, Indianapolis Star, describes the motive as “looking for trouble.”

Local media are characterizing Shamar and his accomplices as people who were “looking for trouble.” As the three Dutch commandos walked past a hip-hop-themed nightclub, one of them was punched and knocked down by a group of “five males.”

Then the perps followed the victims to their hotel in a Ford F-150. That is when police say Duncan opened fire, hitting all three. Simmie Poetsema was shot in the back and killed, while the other two survived. One victim was still listed as being in serious condition on Monday.

Countless US media outlets now intentionally omit the race of Black crime suspects, even dangerous at-large suspects that constitute an ongoing threat to the community. The AP, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, and many more have publicly admitted to having an official policy of deleting the race of Black suspects in the name of being politically correct. If the races were reversed, the same media outlets would report, “Black military hero vicious gunned down by White man. Probably motivated by racial hatred. Community leaders demand answers.”

Now, even many police departments omit the race of Black suspects in press releases and press conferences.

Poetsema was part of Korps Commandotroepen and was involved in the evacuation of Dutch citizens from Afghanistan.

This is at least the fifth Black-on-White murder in Indianapolis since June 30th.

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