Rioter shoots three people in Portland, fellow rioter dead

Another rioter in Portland dies violently

Cameron Taylor

Cameron Taylor, 20, was shot and killed during a violent riot in Portland, Oregon. Taylor was apparently part of the riot himself.

On August 28th, hundreds of people rioted and violently blocked traffic near the Portland Expo Center. Video shows a van being smashed up by thugs. Then a gunman, with a dark complexion and pants sagged below his butt, fires eighteen rounds at the van. The driver and two other rioters are hit.

Taylor was killed, while the driver and the other wounded rioter were transported to local hospitals.

Police have still not made an arrest. In fact, not a single person has been arrested for the riot.

The riot appears to have been primarily made up of Black perpetrators, even though Taylor is White himself. There are reports that they were blocking traffic simply to have drag races and do stunts with their cars. This type of “car club” riot has also occurred in cities like Philadelphia, Chicago, and Los Angeles, where the perps have no fear of consequences.

Taylor may have ties to Antifa members. However, the riot itself does not appear to have been related to Antifa.

A vigil for Taylor was held on Monday. Dozens of people attended. This crowd appears to have been chiefly, if not entirely, made up of White mourners. The people at the vigil appear to be a different crowd because they are of another race.

Homicides in Portland exploded during the second half of 2020 as law enforcement conducted a stand down and allowed Antifa and BLM to conduct violent riots for months. Homicides have continued to occur at a far higher rate ever since.

Numerous people have been killed because of rioting in Portland. Earlier this year, an Antifa rioter was shot and killed during a shootout between Antifa and a homeowner. Antifa members refused to cooperate with police and were accused of taking evidence from the crime scene. Since October of 2019, three other people connected to Portland Antifa have been murdered. Another self-described Portland Antifa committed a murder and then died in a shootout with law enforcement. Numerous innocent victims were seriously injured by Antifa and BLM during rioting in Portland in 2020.

Here is the statement from Portland Police:

On August 28, 2022, at 10:47 p.m., officers were dispatched to a shooting in the area of Northeast I-5 over Northeast Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard. There were hundreds of people and cars in the area participating in an apparent illegal street takeover event, making it difficult for officers to respond and investigate the shooting. Officers eventually arrived and found a man suffering from an apparent non-life-threatening gunshot wound.

Officers eventually learned that one additional gunshot victim was driven to a hospital in Washington with non-life threatening wounds, and another was driven by personal vehicle south, with unknown gunshot wounds.

There is nobody in custody and is actively being investigated. Case #22-232288

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