Oakland has back to back mass shootings; teenage brothers killed, eight others injured, no suspects

Oakland is experiencing a homicide surge

Just days ago, six people were shot at an Oakland public school. We previously reported on this shooting. The gunman is still at large! The police still have not identified a suspect.

Just three days later, there was a mass shooting at a house party in Oakland. Two teenage brothers were killed. Two others were injured. Once again, police have no suspect!

The fatalities are Angel Galavis, 15, and Jazy Galavis, 17, who are residents of Berkeley. The house party was being held at an Airbnb rental property in Oakland. The party was full of High school students. Police believe there were two shooters, but have no suspects.

Oakland has experienced at least 98 homicides in 2022 so far. This is more than any year between 2013 and 2019. Homicides in Oakland began surging in 2020 alongside nationwide BLM rioting.

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