Seven shot, one killed at rap concert for Babyface Ray

Another mass shooting at a rap concert

Seven people were shot at Ajay’s Lounge and A & D Liquor Store in Benton Harbor, Michigan. The shooting took place around 2:00 AM Monday morning. Police say three different guns were used.

Ajay’s Lounge was holding a rap concert that cost $60 per ticket. Babyface Ray was supposed to perform. However, the rapper only made an appearance and never put on a show. Police say this agitated the crowd leading to a big fight. The fight led to seven people being shot.

Marlon Tyree Bowman, 19, was killed.

Benton Harbor Department of Public Safety is offering a $2,000 award for information that leads to the arrest of the suspect or suspects involved in this shooting.

Babyface Ray has a large following on YouTube, with some of his videos having millions of views.

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