Six shot; another mass shooting at a rap concert, this time in Eugene, OR

"a male in a hoodie"

American Indian rapper Savelle Tha Native, stated that “four of my people were shot.”

Mass shootings at rap concerts and hip-hop clubs have become increasingly common across the USA.

The latest one just occurred in Eugene, Oregon. A gunman fired an estimated thirty rounds during a concert at WOW Hall in downtown Eugene. Police say six people were hospitalized, four males and two females. One victim was listed as critical.

The concerted featured Lil Bean and Zay Bang and local acts Peacoat Gang, Savelle Tha Native, DRETHEMC, and Khoraan.

Police say the shooter was “a male in a hoodie,” and have complained about a lack of cooperation from eyewitnesses. The Eugene police department is pleading for someone to come forward and provide more substantial details. They even set up an anonymous tip line to call and give information on the shooter.

The shooter targeted a group of people standing around the back door near local rapper Savelle Tha Native. Savelle is an American Indian, though he excessively uses the “N-word” in his rap music, just like Black rappers.

Savelle described victims of the shooting as “my people” and “loved ones” on Facebook. The people attending the concert were a racially diverse crowd, and the victims included people who are Black, White, and possibly Asian or Latino.

An age-restricted video was posted on Youtube this morning. People started fleeing the venue at about the 4:15 mark. Later the video shows a man attempting to provide CPR to an unresponsive victim.

Here is a small sample of the mass shootings at rap/hip hop concerts in 2021:

22 shot, 2 killed at a rap concert in Hialeah, FL

15 shot, 1 killed at a rap concert in North Charleston, SC

5 shot, 2 killed at a rap concert in McColl, SC

5 shot, 2 killed at a rap concert in Pattison, MS

6 shot during event with hip hop DJs in Florence, SC

5 shot at “Black Pride” rap concert in Atlanta, GA

7 shot at event with hip hop DJs in Fort Smith, AR


8 trampled to death after hours of criminal violence at giant outdoor Houston rap concert

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