Five people arrested for mass shooting at a rural hip hop/rap club in South Carolina

Murders are surging in many rural areas too!

Club Amnesia is located in McColl, South Carolina, a rural community of about 2,100 people. The town sits in Marlboro County, which has fewer than 26k people total. The club holds rap concerts and twerking competitions.

Sunday morning, October 10th, the club was a bloodbath. Two people were killed and three more were injured.

The Marlboro County Sheriff’s department, working in conjunction with neighboring Sheriff’s departments and US Marshals, has arrested five suspects.

The fatalities are Brianna Byrd and Ronnie Oxendine.

Another person was murdered at a different hip hop/rap club in the same community last March! Donte Pearson, a 34 year old Black male was murdered at Club Ellison in McColl, SC on March 15th, 2021.

Using Google Street View, Club Amnesia appears to be a sheet metal warehouse. Club Ellison looks like a house that was converted into a nightclub.

Byrd and Oxidine were killed.
The Suspects
Club Ellison

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