Homicides are surging in many small towns as well as the big cities

High murder rates are not limited to just big cities

It’s not the big cities that have homicides rates which are surging, or even hitting record highs.

It’s not just the big cities with homicides rates that are surging or even hitting record highs.

This website has talked about two small towns in South Carolina recently.

McColl, South Carolina, has about 2,100 people. It is located in Marlboro County, which has fewer than 26k people.

McColl has three homicides in a five-month period. Last March, a man was murdered at a Hip Hop/Rap club in McColl. Then in October, there was a multi-person mass shooting at a different hip hop/rap club. Two people died, and three others were injured.

This gives the town a homicide rate of 143 per 100k for 2021.

The victims are a Black male, a Black female, and a White male. All of the suspects are Black males, despite the fact that McColl is only about 25%, Black. However, Marlboro County as a whole is about 51% Black, 41% White, and 5% American Indian.

Westminster, SC, has about 2,600 people. It is located in Oconee County, which has about 81k people.

Westminster had three homicides in a three-month period this year.

This gives the town a homicide rate of 154 per 100k for 2021.

Westminster and the surrounding Oconee County are both over 80% White. The homicide victims were a White female killed by a Black male, a Black male killed by an unknown suspect, and a White male killed by minors, whose identities are classified.

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