Black “community activists” say giant mob battle at Chuck E. Cheese was not criminal, but a mental health crises

It was society's fault

A massive brawl exploded at a Chuck E. Cheese in North Charleston, SC on August 20th. Numerous Black females, and at least two Black males, are seen fighting in multiple clusters. Two security guards tried in vain to break up the fighting. Several people are said to have been injured.

Police arrested a single Black female named Whitney Brown and charged her with assault and battery. From the video, you can’t even tell who the suspect is. Many people look like suspects.

Local Black racial activists are defending Brown and blaming “society.” They claim she is not a criminal, but a victim of a mental health crisis. They say the city should have provided the suspect with mental health care, and Chuck E. Cheese should have security guards trained to deal with a mental health crisis.

Once upon a time, Chuck E Cheese did not need security guards!

Justin Hunt, who calls himself a “black leader” and a “community activist,” stated, “when will Black mental health matter?”

“Mental Health Crises” is a new rallying cry of many Black racial activists and far-left militants. Any crime with a black perpetrator is now “a mental health crises.” Many claim that unarmed “social workers” should replace the police.

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