Milwaukee mass shooter kills 3, wounds 1, allegedly over a “parking dispute”

Milwaukee is experiencing its highest homicide rate in the city's history

On October 9th, a Black male gunman killed two Black males and a Black female. A fourth victim was shot but survived.

Tanija Turner, 19, was among those killed. Her family says a “parking dispute” prompted the shooting.

The perpetrator appears to still be at large. Five other people were shot in Milwaukee the same evening. However, they all survived.

Milwaukee is experiencing its highest homicide rate in the history of the city.

1991: 165, homicides, the former all-time record (estimated population 623k, 26.5 homicides per 100k)
2019: 97 homicides, a four year low
2020: 189 homicides, new all-time record (estimated population 596k, 31.7 homicides per 100k)

There have been 156 homicides in Milwaukee so far in 2021, which is slightly higher than the same time period in 2020.

Of the three deadliest mass shootings in Wisconsin this year, all three have had Black perpetrators, even though the state is only 7% Black. Two Black male suspects killed four people in September. Another Black male suspect killed three people and wounded two others in April.

While Milwaukee is 40% Black, roughly 89% of all homicide victims in 2021 have been Black. Statistically, we should expect an equal or higher percentage of the perpetrators to be Black as well.

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