UK Justice Minister threatens female inmates with extra prison time for mis-gendering biological male inmates

Say hello to your sex offender roommate

Serial rapist "Karen White"

David Wolfson is the Justice Minister of England and Wales. He has supported allowing male transsexual inmates in female prisons. Now he is going much further. Female inmates will be required to participate in the fantasies of the male transsexuals.

Wolfson is warning female inmates not to refer to one of these male transsexuals as a man. Female inmates will now be disciplined for “harassment” and potentially receive extra prison time under prison rule 21(50).

David Wolfson stated, “The Ministry of Justice and Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service are committed to advancing equality, eliminating discrimination, harassment and victimization (including based on someone’s religion or belief, or gender reassignment status, as defined in sections 7 and 10 of the Equality Act of 2010.” 

There have already been many cases of so-called “trans-females” attacking female inmates in the United Kingdom. 

By May of 2020, about one percent of all inmates in English and Welsh female prisons were males who alleged that they were women. Most have not undergone a so-called “sex change” operation. Of recent sexual attacks inside female prisons, nearly 6% had been carried out by these male transsexuals. At the time, Rory Stewart, a former Prisons Minister, disclosed that male transsexuals have even raped staff at these prisons.

The most notorious example was when serial rapist “Karen White” was sent to a female prison. In the first two months, he sexually attacked two other inmates.

The group Keep Prisons Single Sex reported in 2020 that 57% of the male transsexuals serving prison time in female prisons had at least one conviction for sexual violence.

Wolfson is a practicing Orthodox Jew and a member of the Conservative Party.

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