Bans on transitioning minors advance in Wyoming and Kansas

New progress

The Kansas Senate originally passed a ban on transitioning minors in February 2023. However, the House leadership did not include it on its agenda.

Finally, due to public pressure, the House voted on their version of the bill. On March 13th, 2024, it passed by 80 to 40.

On March 20th, the Kansas House and Senate launched a conference committee to reconcile the differences between their two bills.

The Wyoming Senate initially passed a ban in February of 2023. However, like Wyoming, the House leadership refused to put it on the agenda.

In February 2024, the Wyoming Senate introduced and passed a new version of the bill. This time, the Wyoming House put it on the agenda. The House passed an amended version 56 to 6. The Senate approved this new version, and Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon signed it into law on March 22nd.

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