If Chicago was a state, it would be 36th in population, but 13th in number of homicides

And number one for homicide rate!

If Chicago was it’s own state, it rank:

36th highest highest population
13th highest number of homicides
1st highest homicide rate

The current population of Chicago is about 2.756 million.

In 2020, the Chicago homicide rate was 26.0%. The highest homicide rates for single states were Mississippi at 20.5%, Louisiana at 19.9%, and Alabama at 14.2%. These also happen to be the three Blackest states in the USA.

Chicago authorities like to brag that “overall crime is down.” This is a disingenuous claim. As homicides go up, police put less effort into solving lesser crimes. So people are less likely to even report that they were crime victims. In cities like Chicago, where “thug culture” is king, some people are afraid even to be seen talking to the police.
Witnesses routinely refuse to cooperate with police even after mass shootings in Chicago.

According to data that Chicago police department submitted to the FBI:

Between 2011-2020, 76.8% of known homicide victims were Black.
Between 2011-2020, 79.2% of known homicide offenders were Black.

For just 2020, 80.1% of known homicide offenders were Black, and 81.1% of victims were Black. Chicago is about 31% Black, but a huge majority of all Chicago homicides are Black on Black. Remember that Black homicides are typically less likely to be solved than homicides by other races. This is because a very high percentage are random and occur at the spur of the moment, and there is no obvious suspect. Homicide offenders of other races are more likely to target a specific person with whom they have close connections.

Recent gunshot homicide victims in Chicago:

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