Arkansas: Black on White homicides surging alongside Black on Black

Arkansas is approaching a new record state-wide homicide rate

Recent gunshot homicide victims in Arkansas.

Homicide rates are exploding across the state of Arkansas. In 2020 and 2021, the state had two of the highest homicide rates in its history.

The primary driver of this is the rapid increase in Black-on-Black homicides. A majority of all homicides in the state are Black on Black. Between 2011 and 2021, Arkansas police departments reported to the FBI that 57.4% of homicide victims were Black, and 62.3% of known offenders were Black. Statewide, Arkansas is about 16% Black.

2002, 2010, 2011, and 2013 saw the lowest homicides rates in Arkansas of any year from 1960-present. Homicide rates have made a dramatic comeback as politicians across the country have adopted policies that are weak on crime and coddled criminals.

Year: # of homicides (population, homicide rate)
1974: 231 (2,062k, 11.2 per 100k) – Record until 1994
1994: 294 (2,453k, 12.0 per 100k) – New record
2010: 134 (2,921k, 4.6 per 100k) – Lowest rate of any year from 1960-present
2017: 249 (3,002k, 8.3 per 100k) – Highest rate in twenty years.
2020: 321 (3,031k, 10.6 per 100k) – Highest rate in twenty-six years

There were approximately 345 or more homicides in Arkansas in 2021. It was probably the second-highest homicide rate ever from 1960 to the present. A credible total for 2021 has yet to be published. (The CDC is reporting 371 in a 2022 report. We believe that the crack employees of the CDC turned 321 from 2022 into 371. Then they used a completely wrong number for the population of Arkansas. That’s the federal government at work.)

Black on White homicides: (Note that a large percentage of homicides in 2022 are unsolved. These are just victims with known suspects.)

October 18th, Benton, Arkansas. Krystle “LeeAnn” Wilder, 28, was killed in her apartment. Demontra Hatfield, 39, was caught on surveillance video. He is also the suspect in the shooting of a three year old in Little Rock and another White male in Benton.

October 18th, Benton, Arkansas. Larry Foster, 61, was shot and killed near the interstate. The suspect is Demontra Hatfield, 39.

October 7th, Conway, Arkansas. Kori Bartholomew, 48, was shot and killed. The suspect is Princemichael Ajetunmob, 32. He is also a suspect in the shooting and serious injury of Drew Thomason, 25, and the killing of Aaron Wright

September 11th, Blytheville, Arkansas. James Franklin Brehm, 37, was shot and killed. Two males, aged 15 and 17 were arrested at the local High School. Their names are classified due to age.

August 1st, Little Rock, Arkansas. Daniel Webster Felton, 64, was randomly murdered in the driveway of his own home. The suspect is Markistan Gines, 18.

July 7th, Little Rock, Arkansas, Isaiah Hall, 18, was shot in a parking lot. The suspect is Michael Wilson.

June 22nd, Perryville, Arkansas. Jeramiah Story, 21, was shot and killed while working as booking a prisoner into jail. The suspect is Roderick De’Shaun Lewis, 37.

March 23rd, Little Rock, Arkansas. Charles “Charlee” Willis, 53, was shot and killed while working at a Pizza shop. The suspect is Tyler Jackson, 23.

March 9th, North Little Rock, Arkansas. Christopher Moritz, 43, was shot and killed in a parking lot. The suspect is Charlie Griffin, 45.

February 27th, North Little Rock, Arkansas. Joshua Caudell, 29, was shot and killed while searching for a suspect. He is a corrections officer. The suspect is Demark Lee Jordan, 37.

Latino on White homicide:

May 6th, Springdale, Arkansas. Joseph “Joey” Bryan Cuneo, 39, was shot and killed. The suspect is Uriel Martinez, 18.

May 1st, Springdale, Arkansas. Olga Irene Huerta, 33, was shot and killed during a party. The suspect is Ignacio Rivera-Perez, 52.

Suspected Black on White homicide:

On April 7th, Dolan Wayne Goff, 26, was murdered when he tried to break up a fight between teenagers. A 17-year-old was arrested, but his identity was classified due to age.

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