Baltimore: 1 dead, 9 wounded in one nine hour span!

Baltimore Bloodbath

Baltimore had three shooting incidents in one nine-hour period yesterday. So far, Baltimore Police have not reported any arrests.

The first occurred at 1:33 PM. A single gunman reportedly fired 60 rounds. A 40-year-old male, a 27-year-old male, and a 27-year-old female were wounded. Chone Cummings, 25, was killed.

Later, Baltimore media reported “the second mass shooting in eight hours.” Two groups of people were arguing on a street corner, and one or more perps opened fire. Five males were shot and wounded. One is a juvenile.

Shortly after that, another male victim was wounded by gunfire.

Baltimore is one of many major US cities with homicide rates at all-time highs.

Baltimore Homicides:

1977: 171 (826k, 20.7 per 100k)
1993: 353 (732k, 48.2 per 100k) former record for highest number and the highest rate
2011: 196 (630k, 31.1 per 100k) 18 year low for both total number and rate
2015: 334 (622k, 53.7 per 100k) new all time highest rate (year of major BLM riot)
2016: 318 (621k, 51.2 per 100k)
2017: 343 (620k, 55.3 per 100k)
2018: 309 (615k, 50.2 per 100k)
2019: 348 (609k, 57.1 per 100k) new all time highest rate
2020: 335 (586k, 57.2 per 100k) new all time highest rate
2021: 337 (584k, 57.7 per 100k) new all time highest rate

Baltimore also had 726 non-fatal shootings in 2021.

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