Another brutal hate crime captured on film in NYC

Masked man beats woman in the street

These random hate crime street attacks seem to be occurring on a daily basis in New York City.

This video first appears on social media yesterday evening. A woman is screaming for her jacket back as two men in a parked car film the incident with their cellphone. The man with the camera says the perp stole her jacket. Then he savagely punches her in the face multiple times until she falls down. After that, he throws the jacket on the ground.

The man is wearing a mask which conveniently conceals his identity. The mask hysteria over Covid-19 continues to give criminals excuses to have masks on in public. However, the perp is possibly a tax cab driver. It is hard to tell.

Our team has geolocated the attack to 701 FDR Dr near the Williamsburg Bridge in Manhattan.

From Google Street view:

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