Vicious NYC killer sentenced to 1-3 years

What happened to #StopAsianHate?

On July 21st, 2021, David Robinson, 53, launched an attack on Than Htwe, 58, and her son inside a Manhattan subway station. Both victims were knocked down a flight of stairs. Htwe suffered a fatal head injury and died later in the hospital.

Police called it a botched robbery. Robinson apparently alleged that his victims had thrown trash at him. Afterward, Robinson fled to Newark, NJ, and avoided NYC for months. However, while leaving town couldn’t refrain from going DVD shopping. Police obtained his fingerprints from DVD cases that he had touched.

He returned to NYC in November when he believed no one would remember his face in the news. However, someone recognized him at Central Park and called the police. Initially, prosecutors appeared to take the case seriously. They charged Robinson with murder.

However, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, under the control of radical progressive DA Alvin Bragg, eventually decided to give Robinson a comically minor wrist slap. He received a manslaughter plea deal with a sentencing recommendation of one to three years.

Bragg wants criminals treated as victims of mental illness and addiction. He has made it his mission to reduce the number of incarcerated people, especially Black males. His campaign was funded with a one million dollar donation from the far-left militant Black racial advocacy group Color of Change. This money, in part, came from funding provided by George Soros.

Robinson has been in pre-trial detention for 14 months, so he is already eligible for release.

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