UMass: Asian & Black support for slavery reparations is declining fast

UMass says Asians oppose reparations more than any other race

The University of Massachusetts Amherst conducted a poll on American attitudes towards reparations for slavery, “White Privilege,” “Anti-Semitism,” and the “Great Replacement.” The actual survey was taken in early January of 2023.

They found that 63% of Americans opposed any kind of cash reparations for slavery. UMass had previously asked this question in April of 2021.

UMass researchers allege that Asian support for slavery reparations has fallen off a clip in less than two years. From 47% opposed to 84% opposed. UMass claims that its margin of error is only 3.55%. They polled 1,051 people and then excluded 51 of the results. They do not specify how many members of each race they polled.

I have to wonder how large their Asian sample size was and take these results with a grain of salt. UMass also shows support for reparations declining significantly among Blacks. A large majority of Blacks still support reparations. However, opposition supposedly went from 14% to 26% in less than two years. This is an alleged 86% increase in Black opposition to reparations.

Pew Research, October 2021:

Associated Press, September 2021:

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