Armed militants demonstrate in favor of Sheila’s reparations bill

Is Rep Sheila Jackson Lee inspiring radical extremism?

Yesterday, Black racial militants demonstrated in Richmond, Virginia, to support HR 40, a congressional bill on reparations for slavery. Sheila Jackson Lee is a high-profile sponsor of the bill. There are now 51 other co-sponsors.

The militants identified as members of the Black Lives Matter movement, specifically with a group called BLM757. Two different speakers falsely claimed that The federal government gave southern slave owners compensation for “lost property.” This is false. The only instance of compensated emancipation in the USA was conducted in Washington, DC.

Abraham Lincoln freed several thousand slaves in Washington DC, and all former owners were eligible for $300 compensation. All former slaves in DC were eligible to be resettled in Africa. However, the resettlement of former DC slaves to Africa never took place.



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