Top Zelensky advisor apologizes for being too honest and resigns

Not Satire

Guest column from Renaissance Horizon…

Alexei Arestovich has been one of the most high-profile members of the Zelensky administration. He is a military psychologist and a fellow actor. Now he has publicly apologized for being too frank in an interview and resigned from Zelensky’s administration.

Arestovich accurately described how an apartment block was destroyed. He told an interviewer that an apartment building in Dnipro was hit due to a successful intercept of a Russian Kh-22 missile. In other words, it was not the intended target of a Russian strike but was hit by the wreckage of a missile that was shot down.

Of course, this is just a fact of modern warfare. Everyone following the war knows that unsuccessful and successful intercepts are causing significant damage and loss of life. This is one of the worst examples. At least forty people, and probably more, were killed. This was controversial because Arestovich was supposed to maintain the line that anything hit resulted from an intentional Russian strike. The most extreme example of this policy was when Ukrainian intercept missiles landed in Poland, killing two people. Even after Polish leaders said it was Ukraine’s intercept missile and that they didn’t blame Ukraine for an unfortunate accident, Zelensky furiously maintained that it was an intentional Russian strike on Poland.

Arestovich issued a public apology for not maintaining the line that the civilian apartment complex was Russia’s intended target. Zelensky’s administration now denies that Ukraine even possesses a weapon that could bring down a Kh-22. However, Zelensky’s administration has previously claimed that they shoot them down all the time. Arestovich has been attacked for frank comments in the past that didn’t follow the official narratives. Particularly when he said Russian forces showed a high level of competency in the storming of Lyman. Although months later, Ukraine took the city back.

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