Vladimir Zhirinovsky says America will fall as Whites become a persecuted minority

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, 75, is a former Deputy Chairman of the Russian Parliament. He is the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia [LDPR]. While the term “liberal” has morphed into a euphemism for “leftist” in the USA, it is still used in much of Europe to mean that a party is pro-business or libertarian-leaning. LDPR currently does not really fit any common definition of “liberal” because it is more of a populist and nationalist party. LDPR only received 7.55% in the 2021 election. However, Zhirinovsky typically polls as the second most popular politician in Russia after Vladimir Putin.

For the past thirty years, Zhirinovsky, who is part Jewish and part Mordovian, has been demonized as a far-right militant in the Western press.

During a recent statement, Zhirinovsky described America saying, “there are no national fringes there, but there are African Americans, Mexicans, non-Whites in general, who are already dictating their will, and whites are increasingly forbidden to talk about their rights, their culture, their history.” Zhirinovsky went on to say that with a White majority, American “will not be able to maintain the same high level of technological development, economy, life, democracy, and so on.”

Zhirinovsky suggested that millions of Whites from America, Canada, and Australia could move to Russia’s vast but sparsely populated Siberian region.

While this may sound far-fetched, there are already thousands of Germans fleeing Germany in favor of Siberia. They are joining remote communities made up of ethnic Germans. In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, there were waves of German colonists who went to Siberia. Many Germans are making this dramatic move because they are fed up with leftism in Germany and want a more wholesome traditional upbringing for their children.

Of course, after the fall of White rule, Whites and Indians fled Zanzibar to England, including the parents of singer Freddie Mercury. Later, Indians were expelled from Uganda, and Whites were expelled from Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe. More recently, large numbers of Whites have fled South Africa. 

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has also suggested that instead of taking in non-European immigrants, Hungary should take in other Westerners who want to flee multiculturalism. Orban says that Hungary should take in Germans, Dutch, French, and Italians “who want to find a Europe they have lost in their homelands.”

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