Jewish Professor suing UCLA after being suspended for refusing to practice race-based grading

Professor Gordon Klein taught at UCLA for 40 years

Click here for the full details and a copy of the lawsuit.

Gordon Klein taught at UCLA for forty years at their Anderson School of Management. He has taught classes in management, finance, and law. He has been featured on CNBC and in the Wall Street Journal.

In June 2020, a student sent him an e-mail demanding that Black classmates be treated with greater leniency. This was at the height of violent Black Lives Matter rioting.

Klein replied that he would be treating all races the same. However, UCLA itself was aggressively pandering to radical BLM militants at the time.

According to Klein:

By that evening, students were calling for my job. Soon after, they circulated a petition demanding I be fired; within a day or two, nearly 20,000 had signed — without knowing anything about me or taking into account, as far as I could tell, the implications of non-color-blind grading. I was attacked for being a white man and “woefully racist.” On June 5, three days after I was first emailed, I was suspended amid a growing online campaign directed at me.

It was around that time that I started to receive death threats on voicemail and email. One email, dated June 11, read: “You are a typical bigoted, prejudiced and racist dirty, filthy, crooked, arrogant Jew kike mother f**ker! Too bad Hitler and the Nazis are not around to give you a much needed Zyklon B shower.” About a week after this whole thing first blew up, there were police officers stationed outside my house.

Klein, who gets most of his income from consulting, says he lost several consulting jobs after Dean Antonio Bernardo of the Anderson School of Management maliciously denounced him on social media as “racist.” UCLA backed down and re-instated him less than three weeks later. However the damage to his professional reputation was already done.

He is now suing UCLA for ten million dollars in lost income.

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