State Farm exporting information tech jobs to India

How long can America continue this?

America brings the best and the brightest from India to the USA to take high-paying jobs in engineering and medicine. While at the same time, lower-level jobs are exported to India.

Most Americans think of telemarketing and customer service jobs being exported to India. However, the range of American jobs exported to India is much more extensive. High-paid technical jobs are also being outsourced to India.

State Farm is now exporting information technology jobs to India. HCLTech, formerly Hindustan Computers Limited, will now provide State Farm with IT services.

From HCLTech, Jan 12th, 2023

HCLTech, a leading global technology company, today announced that State Farm, the leading provider of auto, home, and commercial insurance, has selected the company to reimagine its IT service desk and infrastructure operations. HCLTech will leverage its differentiated portfolio and proven execution capabilities to accelerate the modernization of its hybrid cloud environment for State Farm.

This collaboration will further modernize State Farm’s back-end IT services and infrastructure through automation, advanced technology tools and mature processes. This will enable State Farm to focus on critical technology priorities while elevating IT support experiences for its customers, agents and employees.

Some State Farm employees supporting this work will transfer to HCLTech to continue their important role in delivering cutting-edge technology services to State Farm. These employees will have access to HCLTech’s global network and a wide range of opportunities across industries, including a variety of training and development programs that are core to HCLTech’s culture of innovation.

“HCLTech was selected because of its reputation in supporting Fortune 500 companies,” said Ashley Pettit, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer for State Farm. “Working successfully with them relies, in part, on the skills and knowledge of talented employees currently doing this work at State Farm.”

“We are thrilled to welcome the incoming talent and combine the companies’ mutual expertise to help State Farm develop a stronger technology foundation,” said Srinivasan Seshadri, Corporate Vice President and Global Head of Financial Services, HCLTech. “We are committed to supporting State Farm in its endeavor to serve its customers through advanced technologies and practices.”

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