400 illegal aliens to be dumped in rural German village of 1,662

Protesters denounced as "right-wing extremists"

The District Council of Nordwestmecklenburg, in the northeastern German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, is plotting to dump 400 illegal aliens in the tiny rural village of Upahl. This village currently has 1,662 residents. They will be placed in a “refugee shelter” constructed from shipping containers and could open as soon as March 1st.

The term “refugee” is a false narrative, as these people are economic migrants who are not fleeing war or persecution. They are predominantly young males from middle-class families in Africa and the Middle East. They typically spend several thousand in travel expenses and come for a more comfortable lifestyle.

A large protest was staged against the district council in the city of Grevesmühlen. Police estimated the number of protesters at 700. The authorities deployed two hundred police officers against the protesters, even though they were peaceful and orderly. German media is aggressively denouncing the protesters as “right-wing extremists.”

There are eight members of the District Council from four parties. The Christian Democrats [CDU], the Social Democrats [SPD], and the former East German Communist Party [Die Linke] all back the plan. Only Alternative for Germany [AfD] opposes it. The AfD even submitted a proposal to reduce the number from 400 to 250. All three other parties rejected this.

“Think of the Children” “Upahl Says No”

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