Channel 4 journalist gets beaten up by Antifa while “exposing” the “violent far-right”

Narrative Collapse!

Channel 4 tried to “Expose” the right-wing with a segment called “The Enemy Within: The Far Right: Dispatches.” Some enemy! Their own undercover journalist got beaten up by left-wing militants while filming. Talk about a narrative collapse!

Channel 4 is a major media outlet in the UK. Their journalist was “infiltrating” a group called Patriotic Alternative in the city of Rotherham. Patriotic Alternative says they oppose open borders and anti-White bigotry, such as CRT, being pushed in public schools.

Channel 4 has a professional far-left activist explain how the group “promotes violence and terrorism.” As proof, they show a photo of one of their members with a guy wearing an Azov Battalion t-shirt. The same Azov Battalion that received weapons and training from the British government and British taxpayer expense.

The moment the narrative collapses:

The Channel 4 segment on Odysee.

This is the group being targeted in by Channel 4:

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