Milwaukee had its highest homicide rate in history, mostly driven by Black on Black murders

Only 29% of homicides have resulted in a suspect being charged

In 2021, Milwaukee experienced its highest homicide rate in the city’s history. Most homicides are Black on Black, and most are unsolved.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, only 29% have resulted in a suspect being charged. Some suspects committed suicide, but it appears the overall clearance rate for homicides is less than 35%.

While Milwaukee is less than 40% Black, the Journal Sentinel reports that 88% of the victims are Black. Statistically, we know that 93%+ of all Black homicide victims are killed by Black perpetrators. This means that we can expect between 82% – 88% of all these homicides to be Black on Black.

Meanwhile, the local media is doing more than ever to censor the race of homicide suspects. When someone is arrested and charged, local Milwaukee media outlets typically do not even report the suspects’ names.

Black perpetrators also murdered Non-Blacks in Milwaukee.

Kristin M. Zastrow, a 23-year-old White female, was murdered while sitting in her car at an intersection on September 6th, 2021. Two suspects were arrested and charged. The local media only reported that the suspects are 21 and 23. The murder took place in an overwhelming Black neighborhood. Zastrow was from out of town with her boyfriend and driving through the city. They may have entered the neighborhood to buy drugs, though very few details have been given.

Imran Shahbaz, a 44-year-old Central Asian cab driver, was murdered while on the job in an overwhelmingly Black neighborhood. His murder sent shockwaves through the local cab industry. No one has been arrested.

Mallery M. Muenzenberger, a 25-year-old White female, and Major Harris, her three-year-old mixed race son, were murdered while visiting Milwaukee on October 14th. Police say the perpetrator was Jaheem K. Clark, a Black male who later committed suicide. Muenzenberger may have been dating Clark.

Milwaukee, WI:

1991: 165 (623k, 26.5 homicides per 100k) former record for highest number and highest rate
2019: 97 (580k, 16.7 per 100k) a four year low
2020: 190 (577k, 32.9 homicides per 100k) this was a new record at the time

2021: 205 (576k, 35.6 homicides per 100k) another new record for highest number and highest rate

As Black homicides rates continue to surge nationwide, how long will media and politicians ignore the problem?

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