Perp screams profanities at reporters after confessing to brutal hate crime style murder at NYC train station

Second person to die this way at an NYC station this month

On January 15th, Michelle Alyssa Go, 40, was one of two women targeted by Simon Martial, 61, at a subway station near Times Square. Go was assaulted and killed by being hurled into an oncoming subway.

Martial then boarded a subway, went to the police station, and turned himself in. He immediately confessed to the crime. NYPD says there was no provocation. After being taken to court to be formally charged, Martial defiantly screamed profanities at reporters.

Savage attacks are occurring weekly at NYC subway and train stations. Go is already the second victim killed by an oncoming train during an unprovoked attack this month. On New Year’s Day, a mob of ten young Black males and females chased and assaulted a thirty-eight-year-old man at 2:45 AM at an NYC train station. The victim was hurled onto the tracks. Roland Heuston, a thirty-six-year-old Black male, tried to come to the first victim’s aid and was killed by an oncoming train.

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