Two suspects surrender who were part of “teen” mob that murdered a Good Samaritan at NYC train station

The "teens" strike again

Roland Heuston

Two male “teens” have surrendered to the NYPD that brutally murdered a man at a Bronx subway station on New Year’s Eve. Braulio Garcia, 17, and Jonathan Aponte, 16, surrendered. They are charged with murder.

The NYPD is still seeking another six males and three females.

At 2:45 AM New Year’s Day, the mob targeted a drunk man blowing a New Year’s Eve horn. They thought he would be easy prey. The NYPD says the thugs chased the man, beat him, and then rifled through his fanny pack to steal his belongings. This was when thirty-six-year-old security guard Roland Hueston tried to step in to help the victim.

The mob knocked the first victim onto the train tracks as a train entered the station. Hueston jumped down to rescue him but became stuck and was killed by the train. The unnamed victim suffered a broken arm and other injuries.

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