“This is not a safe country anymore… I almost died” says 75 year old hate crime victim

Stop Asian Hate

Violent hate crimes against Asians are still occurring, but the media hype has dramatically declined. After nearly two years of searching, they never found real-life evidence to support a narrative of conservative White Trump supporters committing hate crimes against Asians. Media and non-profit grifters only have victim fan fiction about how a Trump supporter allegedly gave someone a dirty look, and it must have been because they are Asian.

However, violent Black on Asian hate crimes occurs regularly. So often that dozens of violent attacks have been captured on video. Far-left politicians and media personalities inadvertently exposed many violent Black-on-Asian hate crimes to the public in their vain attempt to unearth non-existent White on Asian hate crimes.

The latest incident caught on a security camera is the brutal beating of an older Asian woman in New York City. No one should be surprised that the perp is another Black male.

The video below shows a Black male berating a Korean woman with sexual and racial abuse. There was a controversy over how the NYPD should handle this incident. Initially, the NYPD did not want to classify it as a “hate crime,” but they changed their mind after being pressured by a civilian review panel.

Of course, the only group with no advocates are straight White males. Violent hate crimes against Whites are seldom called a “hate crime” by police or media unless the victim is homosexual or Jewish.

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