Stop Asian Hate founder denounces Asians who speak out about Black on Asian hate crimes

It was always about a politically motivated narrative, never about reality.

The “Stop Asian Hate” campaign was always about a politically motivated narrative. It was never about reality.

The StopAAIPHate campaign was launched by a left-wing non-profit called Asian Pacific Planning & Policy Council [A3PCON]. The group is dedicated to convincing Asian Americans to support left-wing politics. In 2019, the group took in about $300k in revenue. Thanks to their StopAAIPHate campaign, they now have corporate sponsors like Comcast, Telemundo, and NBC Bay Area.

What has happened is media outlets and leftist politicians clamored that “White Nationalist Trump Supporters” were committing acts of violence against Asians. There was a great outcry for police departments to seek out and arrest the perpetrators of anti-Asian violence. The NYPD and other major police departments dedicated numerous personnel specifically to fight interracial violence against Asians.

What has resulted is no “White Nationalist Trump Supporters,” but scores of Black suspects being arrested all over the country and charged with hate crime attacks on Asians. The NYPD alone has arrested over three dozen Black suspects for anti-Asian hate crimes in the past few months.

Now, A3PCON Executive Director Manjusha P. Kulkarni is lashing out at Asians who refuse to promote her false narrative. According to Kulkarni, Asians who want to stop Black on Asian hate crimes are “anti-Black.” Kulkarni says that many Asians in the USA align themselves with White people and contribute to a racial hierarchy that keeps Black people down.

Kulkarni then falsely claims that Black on Asian violence is only “a very small minority” of interracial hate crimes against Asians. Kulkarni cites A3PCON’s collection of anonymous, unsubstantiated claims as evidence.

A3PCON originally launched StopAAIPHate as a copycat project of something that the radical far-left SPLC did in conjunction with ProPublica. SPLC & ProPublica urged readers to submit anonymous claims about being victimized by Trump supporters. These were not claims that were verified, substantiated, or ever reported to the police. When you looked at the claims, they were shockingly repetitive. It was as if each person was submitting numerous variations of the same allegation, or people were just copying each other’s submissions. The entire project looked like an exercise in victim fan fiction.

We also know that even when alleged victims made police reports about attacks by “White Nationalists” or “Trump Supporters,” the police almost always debunked them. They were politically and racially motivated hoaxes. The Jessie Smollett hoax was the most high profile, but there have been hundreds, if not thousands, of others.

Critics accuse the SPLC, ProPublica, and A3PCON of openly and blatantly encouraged people to submit anonymous politically motivated claims of victimhood. Kulkarni goes on to allege that “our data has been verified by others,” which it never has. Real-life has debunked their false narrative 100x over.

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