NYC Mayor Eric Adams defends busing illegal aliens north

Two counties are now suing NYC to stop illegal alien dumping

For months, New York City has been busing illegal aliens north, even dumping many at the border of Canada.

On Saturday, May 13th, NYC Mayor Eric Adams said that more “asylum-seekers” would be bused out of the city. Days later, officials in Rockland and Orange counties say NYC dumped large numbers of homeless men in their counties without warning.

These counties have filed lawsuits against New York City and Eric Adams. They ask for injunctions to block the city from busing in more migrants.

Orange County Executive Stephen Neuhaus stated, “New York City is a self-proclaimed sanctuary city and needs to fix this problem Orange County now faces. This issue was created by Mayor Adams and the Federal government’s failed immigration policies.”

Eric Adams told a radio talk show host that he would fight them in court. He says they have an obligation to help NYC.



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