NYC is busing illegal aliens to the Canadian border

City officials say they are "helping"

A new poll from Quinnipiac University shows that 65% of NYC, including 78% of Democrats, back plans to bus illegal aliens further north.

Acceding to numerous major media outlets, NYC is now dumping economic migrants at the Canadian border. NYC Mayor Eric Adams seems to confirm this, stating, “some want to go to Canada.”

Catholic Charities says they are assisting the effort by providing migrants with money for “travel expenses.” This group is already widely accused of supporting and encouraging the border crises.

New York City is a court-ordered “right to shelter city” in which any person can request shelter from the city. NYC is obligated to comply. Mayor Eric Adams stated last September that he wanted to change this policy. Then, in late January, Eric Adams told an interviewer that the “right to shelter” should not cover non-citizens.

“We don’t believe asylum seekers fall into the whole ‘right to shelter’ conversation. There’s no more room at the inn, and the reason there’s no more room at the inn is that the federal government is not doing its job.” New York Mayor Eric Adams

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