WB virtue signals against JK Rowling while paying her handsomely

The absurd world of disingenuous corporate virtue signaling

Portkey Games, by Warner Brothers Games, is virtue signaling against Harry Potter creator JK Rowling by placing a prominent transsexual into their new Harry Potter video game. The character Sirona Ryan is a male transsexual who is referred to as a “trans witch.”

LGBTQP+ militants praised the move as a blow to JK Rowling’s so-called “TERF” worldview. Except, Warner Brothers will still be pumping royalties into JK Rowling’s bank account. While JK

Rowling played no role in the development of the game, Warner Brothers still has to pay her for using her characters. In fact, JK Rowling collects tens of millions per year in Royalties from other people using her characters, on top of actual book sales. Her estimated net worth has ballooned to about one billion dollars.

If Warner Brothers cared, they would cut ties with JK Rowling and make a completely original game.

Ironically, JK Rowling was widely seen as a feminist/left-wing icon just a few years ago. That was until she refused to support the radical new transsexual political agenda.

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